At Home Manicure Tips

At Home Manicure Tips

We can assure you that you are not alone if you feeling a bit on the rough side by now – missing your manicure sessions, going for a facial, a hair trim or filling up your roots.🙈 Looking on the bright side of things, we are all safe at home, staying as positive as we are able to and can always learn a new skill or two! Thanks to these tips from Allure’s House Calls and their experts we are able to master the skill of an at-home mani!

All you will need is:

  • Nail file
  • Buffer tool
  • Cuticle oil
  • Nail brush
  • Base coat
  • Your fav nail polish colour
  • Top coat

Now for the fun part! Step-by-step to your gorgeous mani:

  1. Shape your nails to your desired shape using your nail file. If your nails are quite long, use a nail clipper to cut them shorter and slightly start shaping them to the shape you would like them before going in with your nail file.
  2. Buff your nails. This step is essential to have a long lasting mani and for your nail polish to apply seamlessly! Allure’s expert says to “Glide the nail buffer across each nail for a few seconds, moving back and forth until you can feel (and see) that the nail is smooth.”
  3. Apply your cuticle oil to your cuticles and nail. Applying cuticle oil and gently pushing your cuticles back will help your nails look longer and healthier. Caring for your cuticles should be an everyday essential for healthy looking nails.
  4. Wash the cuticle oil off. Now that it has done its job it is time to prep your nails for the polish. Using your nail brush, gently remove the oil as the oil will make the applying of the nail polishes difficult and it won’t last as long.
  5. Apply your base coat. Starting with a thin layer on each nail. This step is essential for an even application in the next step and so the colour polish to not stain your natural nails. Allure’s expert recommends you to “let the base coat dry for one minute before moving on to the next step.”
  6. Now for the most fun and sometimes hardest part – Apply your colour. Apply about 2 coats waiting a minute between applying to prevent bubbles. When applying nail polish with your non-dominant hand, don’t be too hard on yourself – It’s hard, we know! Practice, practice and practice.
  7. Apply your top coat. Finally your top coat seals the colour and prevents it from chipping. Allure’s expert recommends that you “reapplying your topcoat every two to three days to prevent chipping and to help keep your mani looking fresh.” After your topcoat dries, she also recommends that you “keep hydrating [your hands] throughout the day” to ensure that your mani stays fresh and your cuticles healthy!

Amazing – all done! Let us know if you will give this a try rubies. If you have given this a try, snap us a pic and show us in the comments! ♥︎

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(Source: A Comprehensive Guide to Giving Yourself an At-Home Manicure.)

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