[April Newsletter] A month filled with flashbacks 📸


Two years ago to this very day our president announced that we would be going into a hard lockdown. We all naively believed it would be all over in a matter of weeks and oh boy were we wrong.

Offices and hospitality industry closed and healthcare professionals prepared themselves for an influx of new Coronavirus patients. No matter your profession, life as we knew it had changed forever.

Friday nights once spent at the bar were spent in a bath, Saturday bottomless mimosa brunches were replaced with games with the family in the garden, and we swapped our hopes and far-flung destinations with more modest staycations.

If you think about it even after lockdown measures were removed we’re still conscious of crowds, wearing masks and dousing our hands with sanitiser. There’s no doubt it’s been a painful and challenging time in many respects, it has however prompted a global shift in priorities which could serve us in the long run.

Here are just some of the ways the pandemic has changed the way we live and work:

We take illnesses more seriously 👀

Before the pandemic, sick days were far and few between. We would rather suffer through our sniffles at our desks, determined to get our work done while infecting our entire office space in the process.

Fast forward to today and any slight illness warrants isolation, yes we don’t need to take such extreme measures in the future but it is worth continuing this newfound respect for our health.

We are re-evaluating the commute 🚙

Being able to work from home changed the game for many, ditching the morning rush which would often include unpleasant and lengthy commutes not only lessoned expenses but also improved productivity and mental health.

We are rediscovering our health 🤸🏼‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️

Thanks to lockdown our hour of daily exercise was the only excuse to get out the house or maintain sane. So many took up jogging and walking during that time stating that it helped with mental health.

It’s safe to say this habit has stayed and people are more active and moving more.

We remembered we have communities 🙋🏽‍♀️

Before the pandemic we were all so self-absorbed in our own little world but with physical limitations on movement and emphasis on looking out for each other and supporting local businesses. The resurgence in community spirit is back and it’s benefiting out mental health as well.

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month rubies – comment below and share what important lifestyle changes you are still following post–pandemic we’d love to hear it all!

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167 thoughts on “[April Newsletter] A month filled with flashbacks 📸

  1. Lindsey Mckey says:

    This was such a good article it really made think of how much I changed. I still wear my mask everywhere I go. My connection with friends and family have strengthened because I put more effort to spend quality time with them. Lockdown taught me to slow down and appreciate the small things more than before.

    • geeaphane says:

      The home activities we did during the pandemic like learning how to bake, exercising at home, taking care of planta has inspired me to live a balanced life and really take time to learn new skills.

      Beauty profile updated 👍🏽

      • sindiswanomzero says:

        This was a good article it made me reflect on how life has changed since Covid.. And Chiile my mask is like my lipgloss now😂😂 Not to mention how the pandemic turned into a fitness bunny…

        I hope I’ll win this voucher hey, profile updated.

  2. Jill Stoffels says:

    Wow, this is a Flashback on another level. Thinking that we had to go on to immediate hard lockdown, not physically being able to see my husband at the time boyfriend for a few months, it was so different to just have video calls during that time, but also grateful that we could atleast get some face time. As a family we are spending more time together, myself, husband and kids. Doing fun activities together and making more time for one another, also making sure to take extra care of our health and take immediate action when any symptoms of a cold is even shown.

    We make sure to check on those close to us, for their own well-being as well because not everyone has been handling all of this well.

    I would like to continue what we are doing and just grow closer as a family.

  3. dfmadrista says:

    I enjoy family time more. I spend more time with friends. I’m better at keeping in touch with friends and family. I’ve always taken illness and hygiene seriously. The pandemic made my OCD worse. But I worked through it. I’m feeling better now personally. I’ve become more of an activist, because I believe in helping people. Regardless of how much money you have. I will defend democracy until my dying days. We must protect the future of our youth. We are stronger together. 🙂 ❤

    • joymaphangaa says:

      Wow i really don’t know where to start but all i can say is that the lock down pandemic had really played a huge role into my life.

      I really didn’t take the pandemic protocols into consideration seriously until thousands of people were dying day by day, watching news was a big trauma for me! It was just affecting me because boom it just happened that my mom catched covid while she was pregnant with my twin siblings, it was very painful to watch her getting weak day by day and coughing to her innermost powerful lungs. I nearly lost hope it was getting worse that i thought i might lose her and my twin siblings. But to cut the story short, it was very unbearable for her to handle it but i didn’t lose faith though i was very powerless but i would pray everyday for her to make it and we took her to the hospital, started to make progress & by the grace of God she gave birth well with twins boy and a girl those whom i call my twin siblings today. I can say God played his role into my mom’s life and my twin siblings, God gave them a second chance it was a miracle journey & after her 2weeks of having babies she immediately stopped coughing and her results came back negative, she didn’t have any covid virus anymore and we all checked as a family we were all negative.

      I have learnt to understand how important our health is and is very important to take all the covid precautions very seriously, isn’t a joke this virus is there!

      Above all i have learnt to always embrace and to appreciate my family and loved one’s all the time. I did not really had days to spend some time with my family due to many circumstances including studying but covid taught me to always spend some quality time with my family to show each other some love and appreciation at all conditions.

      I was not really aware much about my capabilities, this journey opened many productive opportunities for me. I got to understand myself even more deeper it was a spiritual and introspection growth journey for me. I really did not know much about generating extra income out of digital platforms such as Instagram and more. I really enjoy learning new things everyday and to explore more with different campaigns such as the rubybox campaign is really amazing and I’m so happy that I’m part of it, I’m learning new things everyday & to meet new amazing people in the social industry, because i definitely believe that supporting each other and to work as a team can change the world.

      I can say through it all i have learnt to embrace and to appreciate myself. I’ve gained more confidence and self love for myself. I have learnt to multitask and to work even more harder under pressure and to be happy. Happiness is very important, I make sure that i avoid negative people or vibes in my life to always remain disciplined, happy and focused i only associate myself with productive amazing people. And yah i take care of my health everyday very seriously!

      And as all lmentioned above I’m so grateful to share my pandemic journey with you all and also honored for the opportunity and the growth i have taken to myself as a lifetime journey with me.

  4. keycie says:

    Done updating my beauty profile, so excited!!
    Also, the pandemic was really something heyy, glad we all got through that.

    Have a beautiful April month rubies❤️

    • louisahephesia says:

      I can say that 1 thing about pandemic that I’m still keeping up with is hygiene and keeping my body healthy..another thing i learnt and won’t change is having fun in my own home with my kids without going out..There’s so many things to enjoy indoors even thou it was hard.. But here we are💃.. So excited for the new month. we try again🥰 #❤️rubies