A Health Benefit You Would Never of Guessed

Did you know that people are drinking their own urine as a source of wellness?

We know right, it sounds rather obscure but apparently this unconventional practice results in a number of health benefits. As shocking as it may sound, urophagia, the act of drinking your own urine is a growing trend.

The theory behind drinking your own urine is that when we eat excess vitamins, they exit our bodies through our urine. So rather than letting them go to waste, why not put them back into your body? They say it is kind of like recycling.

The practice is seen as a natural medicine that boosts the immune system, calms inflammatory conditions and helps digestion. If you are considering taking part in this fad you need to ensure your way of living is extremely clean. You have to wave goodbye to alcohol and coffee, meat, processed foods and up the amount of leafy vegetables you eat. This is because certain foods can really upset the pH levels and make them more acidic- so it’s all about maintaining your urine’s natural pH.

According to health consultants when it comes to drinking your own urine you should start only by taking a few drops each day in order to let your body adjust gradually. The modern medical community are actively trying to keep urine therapy quiet as it has been known to cure everything from male baldness to IBS.

The only alarming concern is that the moment urine passes through the skin it becomes contaminated by bacteria that could result in harm if ingested. Another concern is dehydration because the salt content of urine requires more water to break down – so it’s almost like drinking sea water.

We aren’t convinced that it is the urine thats doing all the magic, but surely ditching the booze and all the bad foods has something to do with it?

Would drink your urine for possible health benefits rubies?


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