8 Easy Hairstyles to Rock For a Carefree Look

Yay for positive news heading into this week. But let’s be real with things starting to get back to normal that only means one thing. Busier schedules which leads to less time for the things that take the most time, our hair!

With just a few simple steps you can transform your bedhead look into a non-basic beauty look. From the classic top knot bun to a super easy crown braid the effortless style options are endless. We have included a number of beginner-friendly styles for those of you looking to ease into hairstyling. All these hairstyles are guaranteed to make you look put together even if your hair decides otherwise.

Bring on weeks of really great hair days!

The Sleek Top Knot


The Modern Messy Bun

The Twisted Halo

The Half-Up Top Knot

The Scarf Style for Curly Hair

The Space Buns

The Side-Swept Curls

The Textured Ponytail

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So rubies with a lot of us slowly starting to go back to work and our normal lives starting to take shape again will you be trying any of these hairstyle looks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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