7 Signs You’re Sabotaging Your Skin

No-one intentionally tries to damage their complexion, but even your best efforts could be doing more harm than good. Get informed and ditch these bad habits, stat!

Skin sin: You take long, scalding showers to open your pores
Are you guilty of spending ages steaming beneath a hot shower in the hope that it will open your pores? Do your complexion a favour and turn the faucets to a more tepid temperature. Hot water dissolves your natural body oils, and leads to dry skin. Instead, aim for shorter showers in warm water and moisturise as soon as you step out. For an all-natural face and body moisturiser try Bee Natural Body Butter in Lemongrass

Skin sin: You use a washcloth or loofah to wash your face
While you think you may be scrubbing deeper into your pores or sloughing away all that dead skin build-up, cloths and loofahs can harbor bacteria and cause more skin problems. Instead, find a gentle exfoliating cleanser and save the loofah for everything below your collarbone. Try Yves Rocher Three Detoxifying Teas Exfoliating Cleanser

Skin sin: You skip night-time treatments to let your skin ‘breathe’
Skin cells, like fish, need water to live. Without it, your cells dehydrate and you’ll experience increased oil production, which can lead to breakouts. At night, when there aren’t any environmental aggressors (think sun, pollution, smoke and smog) your skin repairs itself. A moisturiser can help this repair process and help control how quickly your skin ages. Try Issahra Cell Booster Night Care after cleansing and toning.

Skin sin: You don’t work out for fear of breaking out
A few hours at the gym every week can do wonders for your complexion. Exercise increases blood flow, giving your skin a glow from within. Sweating also helps your body release toxins. Just make sure to remove your makeup before and cleanse after workouts to prevent acne from rearing its ugly head. Try Eucerin DermoPurifer Cleanser.

Skin sin: You’re wearing last summer’s SPF
You’ve heard it countless times before, even when the weather cools, it’s important to apply protection to uncovered areas. Always check the expiration dates, (yip last year’s sunscreen aint going to cut it) and don’t store your SPF in hot places. These things degrade your sunscreen, resulting in less protection than you thought. The latest suncare innovation? Piz Buin Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray SPF30 a clear, spray-on sunscreen that can be applied to wet skin. It’s a must for all beach bags this summer.

Skin sin: You exfoliate with salt
Did you know that coarse salt has been used to remove tattoos? Ouch! Jagged edges aren’t the best choice for your facial scrubs. Look for a gentle bamboo or sugar exfoliator over rougher textured apricot and salt scrubs or opt for an enzymatic scrub like like Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting BHA Gel Exfoliant which isn’t as abrasive as a physical scrub.

Skin sin: You use acne products on your acne
I know, you’re thinking- isn’t that what I’m meant to do? Not quite. A skincare line geared toward acne is designed to dry out those nasty blemishes. This is good for your spots but not so great for the rest of your pretty face. There are three important elements for controlling clogged pores and breakouts: Light exfoliation; to remove dry skin cells and unclog pores. Disinfecting; to eliminate bacteria and help prevent further spread as well as to dry up the infection. And hydration; water-based moisture helps keep cells healthy to discourage dry skin cell build-up. We like Balm Balm Face Balm in Tea Tree.

Skin sin: You avoid moisturising to avoid spots
There are a few of us who are convinced that because we have an oilier skin we either don’t need moisturiser or it will cause breakouts. Wrong! If skin gets too dry, breakouts can worsen. Instead, look for a light, oil-free formula like Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated.

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