2022 – We are so ready for you!

2022 – We are so ready for you!

Wow, are we glad to see the end of 2021!

We are sure a lot of you can agree that the past year has been the most challenging yet growth filled year we have ever experienced. Yes there were plenty ups and downs but thank goodness we made it through and can only look back and hope that we never have to worry about a year like that again!

So rubies, here’s to 2022! HAPPY NEW YEAR 🍾🎉 We hope you had an amazing fun-filled festive season and are all feeling recharged and ready for what is to be an incredible 2022!

We can’t wait to get the year started with you and to share all the exciting new campaigns launching in the next few months! Be sure to keep an eye out for the opt-in surveys we’ll be sending you. Please be sure to update your delivery address & beauty profile in the meantime so we have all your updated info for when you are selected for a test & review campaign!


With a new year comes new growth and we love to start the year off with some goal setting or New Year’s resolutions whatever you resonate with. In order for us to get started with goal setting we have to start manifesting. Remember the universe is always listening and you are always manifesting so what you put out in the universe you’ll get back.

With that being said we have decided to help you out with a few tips:

1. Create an end of year reflection and visioning ritual – reflection is so important so that you are able to deeply connect with your desires and put meaning behind why you want them. Set aside an hour of your day to reflect on all you have learnt this year, the challenges you have overcome and what you are proud of.

2. Believe that nothing is impossible when you connect to your power – Whatever this may be to you – a new inspiring career or a loving relationship – it’s all possible if you fully believe in it and manifest your dreams into reality. By realising you have the power within to make you feel all of those things you become the artist of your own life.

3. Get clear on what you want – Ultimate clarity is vital and what you want to call into your life. Remember if you do not know what you want how can the universe know. Make sure you are super-specific on how it will feel to have your desires met.

4. Commit to letting go of thoughts and behaviours that have held you back in the past

5. Focus on feeling good and less about the desire itself

6. Take action that is aligned with what you want – Your actions are incredibly important when it comes to attracting what you want in life. Always be sure to be moving in the direction of your desires. Ultimately it means putting yourself in situations that tell the universe you are serious about what you want and it means overcoming fear and taking steps towards your dreams.

The universe can’t do it all – it needs your help and effort too!


Congratulations to our lucky winners: Hayley Kirton, Allison Gous, Julie-Anne Thomas & Louisah Ephy. Who have each won R500 in cash! We will be in contact on Monday, 3rd January 2021, regarding details. Thank you for participating.

This month we thought lets start 2022 on the right foot with a little giveaway because why not!

Stand a chance to WIN 2 x R1000 Superbalist vouchers

  • All you have to do is leave a comment on your favourite rubybox article during the month of January (Every comment is an entry so you can enter more than once) – rubybox magazine
  • Competition closes at midnight on 31st of January 2021 and winners will be announced in the Feb newsletter but contacted via email on the 1st of February 2022


Don’t forget to comment below and let us know some of your 2022 New Year’s resolutions ✨

Here’s to another incredible year with you rubies 💋

rise up beautiful you 


Competition T&C: This competition is open to all South African residents and rubybox members only. The prize is one of two R1000 Superbalist vouchers. Two winners will be selected. The selected winners will be contacted via email. To enter you need to follow the exact instructions as mentioned above (Comment on your fav rubybox article throughout the month of January). The winners will be emailed on 1/02/2022 and will each have 48 hours to acknowledge winning. Should the winners fail to do this within 48 hours of being notified another winner will be selected in their place. The competition will close at midnight 31/01/2022 and the winners will be announced in the February newsletter on rubybox on 1/02/2022. Judge’s decision is final.

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154 thoughts on “2022 – We are so ready for you!

  1. Samkelisiwe Zulu says:

    Happy new year Rubybox family
    I am excited about this year j believe that this year is the year where I double my savings and move to a bigger position at work and have fun with my loved ones. This year for me is all about me and success.
    And I hope that all Rubybox members have the same.

    Here’s to a great year 🥂💐

  2. Mogobe Thabitha says:

    New year 🎉, New Chapter, New wardrobe. This calls for new clothes too… Winning the R1000 superbalist voucher would be great 💯.. Happy New Year Rubies🎉🎉✨🥂🍾

  3. shankira162 says:

    Wow, I would love to win this prize. My hubby birthday is coming up and would love to win it to buy him something nice. Haven’t bought him anything in 2 years ;( due to losing my job because of covid.

    • Yandiswa Mavuso says:

      Happy new year Rubbies🥂
      I am soo excited that I have registered to study at unisa this year, I pray nothing will stand in my way.

      My 2022 resolution is to save save save as I wish to have my own appartement now and leave the renting world.

      Wishing all rubbies a fruitful year🥂

  4. pebetsi65 says:

    2021 was a though year, im glad we made it to 2022. Looking forward to peace and success. My main goal this year is to lose weight and get my confidence back

    • Fagmeeda Rajab says:

      Happy New Year to all the Rubies… May your year be filled with lots blessings and happiness in abundance… This year I want to concentrate more on family and also just living in the moment… May 2022 bring much more and better prospects…

    • louisahephesia says:

      Happy new year rubybox fam I’m so excited for the new year and got more excited since I got a message from rubybox that I won I will be contacted on Monday but I did not get contacted .

  5. natashastewart2014 says:

    Blessed New Year to all the Rubies🎉🎊🎇🎆 2022 has arrived and we have to Embrace everything which comes our way be it good or not so good. Reflection is Absolutely necessary in order to move forward and gives one a push in the right direction. Great tips😊 Congratulations to the competition winners ☺

    • bongiwemwelase65 says:

      Happy New Year to the Rubybox family. There’s quite a lot in store for us in 2022. My 2022 resolution is to add more property to my name.