Total Beauty Pack
Size 50ml + 60 Capsules
Skin Type Dry
Skin Concern Fine lines/wrinkles
Volume 2.4ml
In Stock
This skin-saving twinset of serum and supplements enhances and restores the skin.

Wrinkle and age-spot reducing Skin Rejuvenating Serum (50ml) contains innovative ingredients like aqualance help to rehydrate the skins moisture levels to improve firmness and plumpness. The added benefit of renovage tightens the skin and reduces redness and uneven skin tone while kombuchka, a fermented black tea, improves overall brightness and radiance.

Hair, Skin & Nail Therapy Capsules complement the serum by providing targeted nutrition for healthy, lustrous hair, glowing skin and strong nails to help you feel as good as you look.


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  • Lynne
    Affordable beauty boost - 1 Jul 2014
    Wonderful product for encouraging healthy full hair, young looking skin and strong white nails.


Where they’ve come from
Nutriwomen is the brainchild of Larry Krug - Clinical Nutrition Specialist, celebrity nutritionist to Miramax Films, head nutritionist for the world famous Anti Ageing Spa, and Author of A list Workout. Knowing that the perfect anti-ageing regime for an actor requires more than a simple anti-wrinkle cream, Krug believed that looking and feeling young is absolutely essential to staying competitive and keeping your edge. Nutriwomen was specifically designed to make you feel great and look gorgeous, from the inside out. Supplements constantly detoxify and regenerate your cells to restore and maintain youthfulness.

Where they’re going to
More than just beautiful looks and brains, Nutriwomen embodies spirit. The spirit to care about the world and our place in it, which is why they don’t advocate animal testing, or the use of products that harm one's skin or the environment. Understanding that to look young, you need to be healthy and feel young, Nutriwomen boasts an extensive range of protecting, repairing, beautifying supplements to complement your skincare regime and maintain your optimum health.