The Womanizer - Classic

Meet the Womanizer - the ground-breaking product that turned the sex toy industry upside down! The Womanizer is the latest craze and revolutionary new sex toy from Germany that promises a 100% orgasm guarantee. In fact, what most women experience can be better described as a unique, multiple super-orgasm!


The innovative technology stimulates the clitoris with a combination of mild suction and pulsating pressure waves. That's right: Air pressure waves! Unlike any other vibrator these airwaves can propagate to all (more than 8000!) sensory nerve endings and deeply stimulate in the most serene way. The intensity of the pressure waves can be increased (by 5 levels) by clicking the swarovski button. The Womanizer is USB rechargeable and a full charge provides up to 3 hours of exquisite stimulation. It comes in a beautiful zipped storage case and includes a booklet and a spare silicone nozzle.

What else you need to know.

If you are still not convinced - The test results of 50 women who used the Womanizer: Over 70% of the women experienced an unusually intense, multiple orgasm within less than 3 minutes! A further 28% climaxed in less than 5 minutes and only one woman did not reach an orgasm.


  • Hailey
    MIND BLOWN - 30 Jul 2018
    We bought this for a Friend of mine for her Bachelors along with some other adult toys for their pending marriage.
    On the very first day of her honeymoon they made use of the Womanizer and she had absolutely nothing negative to say...
    NOR DID THE HUSBAND :) :) :) Patiently awaiting the restock of this product.
  • Yentel
    Interesting - 24 Apr 2017
    i actually over heard ladies at the clinic talking about this and sounds to be like no one has anything bad to say
  • Wilhrisca
    What a blast! - 21 Feb 2017
    in 10 seconds or less, your world will be turned upside down. this is the best alone time or couple time sex toy ever! the climax is unbelievable and you can decide how many times you want to go. this product is worth every cent.
  • Courtney
    * - 6 Feb 2017
    This is amazing I really needed one and this one is so far doing a great job!
  • Sandra
    Wonanizer - 2 Jul 2016
    Best thing for any marriage.Suggest to buy it asap.Sorry that it's ouT of stock.Would like to buy one.
  • Leanne
    Oh Yes... - 2 Jul 2016
    I received this as a gift from a friend who thought with my husband working far away I would need this, boy was she right, out of the funk feeling great=) - South Africa's favourite online sex shop, was launched back in 2005. Today, a decade young, they have long established a reputation as one of South Africa's coolest and most reputable online retailers.

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