Sorbet Long Wear Nail Polish Pinkocolada
Sorbet Long Wear Nail Polish Pinkocolada, 5ml R30.00

Sorbet Long Wear Nail Polish Pinko Colada 5ml brushes on effortlessly and dries within seconds to a perfect, pigment-rich shine. It is specially formulated to resist fading and chipping for gorgeous wear that lasts up to 6 days.


    AWSOME NAILS - 28 Sep 2019
    This is a verynice product from the little girls to my mother wersit all the time. Last long, beautiful colors, great quality, good for the budget.
  • Olwethu
    Girls best friend - 12 Sep 2019
    Sorbet nail polish has been my best friend for a while now I have even suggested it to my friends and they love it. It stays long and it dries quickly on application
  • Lanei
    Really lasts long - 1 Sep 2019
    I have always struggled with nail polishes that come off not long after I’ve applied it. But I truly love the long wear Sorbet nail polo because they have a wide variety of colours and it actually last longer than normal polishes.
  • Tharwah
    Long lasting - 10 Jul 2019
    I have used sorbet nail polish for a few years and I never tend to run out of nail polish.
    I love this product /brand because not only does it last long on your nails and gives a good shine to it but it last for a good amount of time.
    It is cheap aswell.
  • Nakita
    Long wear - 25 Jun 2019
    I have a nail salon that I run, I love this product. @rose_anchor1

    I use this on my clients who usally just does the standard polish and not gel. They love this product too as it generally lasts longer than alot of thee others I have tried in the past.

    I would definitely recommend this
  • Nelisa
    Simple Lacquer - 1 Feb 2019
    The formula is very thin for laqcuer... and needs several coats to be effective as long wear. Great colours though