Radiant Complexion
Size 30 capsules
Skin Type Normal
Skin Concern Dull/Lacklustre
Volume 30 capsules
In Stock
Without a doubt, all women want a radiant and youthful complexion. However, as we age, our skin’s renewal abilities slow down, and stress, unhealthy habits and environmental damage start to take their toll.

Boost your nutrient intake and maintain a healthy glow with NATRX Radiant Complexion supplements. This rejuvenating formula contains essential minerals and vitamins that are needed to maintain the health of our skin, as well as anti-ageing ingredients such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, collagen, cilica and pine bark extract.

Take one capsule daily, and consult your healthcare practitioner before use if you suffer from any allergies or if you’re taking any chronic medication.


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  • saleha
    Makes a difference - 4 Nov 2013
    I have had a problem with dull lifeless facial skin and hyperpigmentation on my chin and cheeks. I have seen a difference after using Natrx radiant complexion for a month now, my skin is smooth, glowing and just feels better. Highly recommended
  • Cecile
    Excellent Results - 12 Sep 2013
    I love this product, it reduces my pores and it looks like I have that glow on my skin. Use this product just before you go to bed because it does make you n bit sleepy.
    VIP Insider
    RADIANT COMPLEXION - 29 May 2013
    I have been trying this product for about a week now and have noticed a small difference in my complexion. I use to have uneven skintone but in conjunction with my daily skincare routine and this supplement my skin now has a even tone.
  • Ramona
    Good results BUT side effects are really not nice - 16 Apr 2013
    This is a great supplement for good skin however they need to be taken at night in case of reaction to the sulphur. Makes you drowsy and light headed and left feeling weak.
  • Ramona
    Re: Works well - 11 Feb 2013
    I gave these to my mum who has sensitive skin and has an allergic reaction to most skin creams that help with pigmentation. She has to stop using them before she gets to see a difference, so I thought if she tried something she ingested that it would work internally to show an improvement. After weeks later, we noticed an improved difference. I recommend Radiant Complexion.
  • Melissa
    Good supplement - 7 Dec 2012
    I have been using this for about 3 weeks now, and I do feel like my skin is different in a good way, even if it didn't work this is still a good supplement it has a lot of vitamins. I do think that it should be used for longer than a month to see a real difference.
  • Hester
    great for the skin - 23 Oct 2012
    These pills help to make your complexion glow!
  • Eunica
    Radiant Complexion - 10 Oct 2012
    This vitamin contains all the essential ingredients your body requires for skin regeneration. I've used this product for about a month and improvement, there definitely is. I have stopped for no apparent reason, but I do realise that all good things have a cumulative effect. The longer you use the product the more beneficial it will be.


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