Freaking out about thinning, breaking, shedding or flaking? Get to the root of the problem and fix it for good!

Root Cause: Seeing your locks all over the bathroom floor, your car, desk and just about everywhere else you frequent, is just disheartening. But we can’t fix the problem unless we know why it occurs.

Lack of Moisture and Oils – Ever hear that crackling noise when you go over your ends with a comb? That is the sound of your hair screaming in pain. Your scalp produces natural oils that keep a certain level of moisture in your hair. If you’re washing your hair every day, not conditioning, and continually straightening or swimming in chlorinated water you may be stripping your hair of moisture.

Over Processing – Reaching for your dryer or straightener a bit too often? You've got heat damage to thank for your hefty bill at the salon. Dryers, straighteners and other heat styling tools cause the ends to fry and change texture. If you're also over processing with hair colour, relaxers and texturizers every six weeks or so, it;s no surprise your hair is fragile and breaking.

THE SOLUTION? Feed your hair fit by cutting out sugary foods and snack foods high in sodium. Load up on foods that are rich in protein and repair your hair with regular trims, less heat styling and a weekly nourishing hair mask. We like Wella Pro Series Hair Repair Mask.

Root Cause: Ever spent 25 minutes getting your hair perfectly sleek only to have it explode into a frizzy mess the minute you shut the front door? That's my typical Tuesday. The problem is you - me - us. We're either using the wrong products for our hair type (read: cheapest), or we're not using the products correctly (i.e. skimp much?) or over do it on colour, or the flatiron (guilty!) or we're simply not drying our hair properly.

THE SOLUTION? There's no quick fix, this one is going to take commitment. Book a session with your stylist and allow them to show you which products are right for your hair type and how much you need to use of each. Then invest in a silk scarf or satin pillow to tame your hair while you're sleeping. Need a quick fix, like, now? Treat your locks to a smoothing mask like TreSemme Keratin Smooth Mask.

Root Cause: Seeing your hair become thinner over time and then gradually disappearing is enough to have anyone screaming for the hills. Before you mourn your precious crown take a closer look to what may have caused – or sped up this process.

Overdoing it on vitamin A supplements (5000 Units is enough), skipping your daily protein intake and not getting enough vitamin B and iron causes your body to ration by shutting down hair growth. While these are all able to be treated, genetics isn't. So if mom and dad show signs of a disappearing mane, you may be headed in that direction too.

THE SOLUTION? To lessen hair loss, cut excess vitamin A from your diet. It would also be wise to bulk up on beef, fish, eggs and beans. Include an iron and vitamin B supplement to your daily intake of multi-vitamins, as well as a hair health supplement like Hairgenx Hair Growth Formula For Women. Also, be good to your hair and avoid tight braids, weaves, cornrows, chemical relaxers and high heat.

Root Cause: I don’t know about you but I love freshly coloured, glossy locks. Your hair just looks alive, doesn’t it? But that great feeling is met with an equally awful one when you see your beautiful colour fade from the first wash. The culprit lies within the condition of your hair prior to colouring. You'd have to test the hair's porosity level, which lets you know if your hair is lacking moisture or protein or both. The condition of your hair isn't the only thing to blame. You may have done things like not leave the hair dye on for long enough, wash your hair 24 hours after colouring, rinse your hair with hot water or overdo it with your straightener.

THE SOLUTION? Once the condition of your locks has been determined you should treat them accordingly – this will allow for healthier hair and better colour retention. Be sure to allow your hair to process under the dryer for 15 – 20 minutes and allow 10 – 15 minutes to cool down. Just before rinsing the hair dye, add a small amount of water to the hair and begin to massage the hair and colour together, creating a nice lather. This will break up the oil-based colour and ensure that the hair has absorbed as much colour as possible before closing the cuticle. When it comes to rinsing, use lukewarm water – scalding hot will cause the cuticle to open allowing some of the colour to escape. Wait at least 24 hours before washing your hair and avoid products containing sodium lauryl sulphate. Our favourite colour saver? Reference of Sweden Colour Shampoo 554.

Root Cause: Those telltale white flakes can be caused by stress, an imbalance of bacteria on the scalp, a diet rich in fatty, salty or sugary foods, hormonal changes, dairy products or even cold and dry climates. We all have yeast on our scalp (apologies for the overshare but its true) however some of us are extra sensitive to it and develop flakes.

THE SOLUTION? As soon as you spot the white stuff, lather daily using a dandruff shampoo with pyrithione zinc (the key ingredient in most of them) to help soothe your scalp. We love Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalps Shampoo. After you're free of flakes, substitute the formula for your regular shampoo once a week. Still snowing after a month? Talk to your doctor or trichologist about prescription-strength treatments to help lessen irritation.

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