We often tend to fight things that don't make sense to us right now. Whether that be a illness or a heartbreak. Because we get scared when things don't go to plan naturally.

With time you will learn, that what's supposed to be yours will come, what's meant to be will fall into place, what's right will feel right and you won't have to force it.

The truth is, life doesn't always go according to our plan. We have moments where everything is so perfect, and then all of a sudden it falls apart. We will fall in love with whom we think is our forever, and then we'll watch it unravel right in front of us. We will pursue a career that we were certain about, only to discover that it is nothing we had ever dreamed of. But the most important thing is that we'll rise, and then we'll fall down, and then in time we'll rise again.

In these moments, we can't possibly have all the answers as to why this is happening but we need to learn to trust - our higher power, the universe, ourselves. We have to keep moving forward and remind ourselves that what is meant to be in our lives will find its way to us or back to us.

Relationships drift to make room for the right people. Love fades in order to make room for your forever person. Jobs shift to make way for new opportunities. When these things happen, we are terrified. It often feels like our entire world is crumbling. We scream, we cry, we shout but the truth is, sometimes what we cling to most falls apart only to make place for something far better.

Yes it is easier said than done, but bottomline what is meant to be ours might take a while, might drift, might be lost temporarily, but if it is right, it will find its way back to us. Therefore we don't need to spend our days stressing and over thinking. We instead need to trust that if it is right, it will happen.

So drop the fight, stop the rush and simply let go and allow what's yours to find you.