I'm sure we've all been there before - on a night out or at dinner and the drinks start to flow. Now we all know the oldest tip 'Drink water between drinks' - but we're talking about the next morning, when the headache kicks in and you immediately regret the night before and suddenly find yourself saying 'I'm never drinking again'.

We did some research and found the top tips that actually work when you need to recover from the night before.


Re-balance - Go for foods that are high in potassium like bananas or sweet potatoes. These foods give your body electrolytes to balance your fluids.


Americano - If your normal morning ritual is a cup of coffee try avoid and rather go for an Americano. Too much caffeine will mess with your already low fluid levels, but an Americano is a small but decent caffeine kick and adds water.


Salt - Alcohol dehydrates your body do naturally you will be craving salt. Try your best to avoid take-away and rather cook fresh or frozen veggies and add soy sauce for the salt. If you need more to fill you up add in brown rice - or some sweet potato fries for potassium - and to trick yourself into feeling like you got fries through the drive-through.


Vitamin B - Avo on toast for breakfast should do the trick. Avo is full of Vitamin B which helps to counter the toxic effects of alcohol on our system. I you're not an avo fan then grab some eggs.


Namastay - Now we're not saying you need to do a full workout, but yoga could really do you good. It will help to sweat out the toxins. If you really prefer to do as little as possible then a short sit in the sauna would work just as well. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after to replenish the water lost through sweating.


Do you have any steps you follow after a night out?

Share your tips with us below x