So you’ve finally perfected your skincare routine and the art of foundation, and now you hear you actually need a primer too.

An unnecessary extra step, or the answer to flawless makeup application? We’ve got the low-down on makeup primers.

What do they do?

Applied to the skin after moisturising and before foundation, a primer ‘s job is to prepare your skin for makeup. It fills fine lines and makes your skin smoother, so that your foundation goes on more easily, looks even and provides better coverage. Most primers also keep excess oil at bay, benefiting anyone with oily skin, plus they make your foundation last much longer.

Are they really necessary?

Primers are not essential, they’re an added luxury that takes your makeup from good to great. If you’re happy with your skin and foundation, you might find a primer unnecessary, however if you struggle to achieve that flawless coverage, a primer could make all the difference.

How do I select one?

Because we all have different needs, primers come in a wide variety of different types, so that you can find one that’s exactly right for you. Primers with a green-base work best if you struggle with redness, while pink-based ones help to brighten your complexion.

Always make sure that you use a primer that’s specifically suited to your skin concerns, so for example, if you have dry skin, use a hydrating formula. Apply all your skincare products, be it a serum, moisturiser or sunscreen, before your primer, and then apply your foundation. Click here to read about contouring 101 and the colours that can assist with your skin concerns.

Let us know your thoughts about using a primer. x