MANBOX is about a community. Just like back in the D when your mom would exchange onions with tomatoes with the neighbour - remember those days? Like varsity friends reuniting to build a start up - Yoco gents are a perfect e.g. MANBOX is all about bromance - like DJ Naves and Sphectacula or DJ Fresh and Euphonik. MANBOX will definitely rescue AKA and Da L.E.S bromance - probably give them something worth to tweet about. It can simply take NEW NIVEA MEN Body Deodorizer Range to bring them back together - it's the power of sharing!

For sure, MANBOX will reveal your REAL tribe or maybe confuse your enemy (we're not promising anything though). You'll find yourself shouting "What happened to my bro, uMandla"? Or imagine this call from your pal "Hey scruffy - I wanna share L'OCCITANE Shave Pack you need to clean up Messi" Ha! emotional charging, right? It's exactly the same as chicks would do it "Hi boo, wanna tag along to a spar". MANBOX is like going to a party - taking selfies and posting it on social media so the world can you know you have a LIFE and cool friends. Bad example - with MANBOX your friends on social media will know you at least smell good "offline". Don't be a chicken - reviewing and posting is another way of exercising UBUNTU.

If you've been postponing catch up sessions with your mates because Rand is low join MANBOX for FREE.

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