Do you ever have days where you just feel physically and emotionally disconnected from your partner?

In today's day and age our lives are full of endless to-do lists and responsibilities we rarely have any down time. Which probably makes you wonder where on earth are you meant to schedule time to work on your relationship. Well we have the answer for you: pillow talk.

So you are probably wondering what pillow talk is. Well pillow talk is an intimate and unguarded conversation between partners, which often occurs in bed or while cuddling.

These conversations don't allows involve eye contact, which allows you to speak unconsciously making this one of the reasons that pillow talks genuinely work. According to relationship and couples specialist Allen Wagner: pillow talks often do the trick as it allows for a more in-depth conversation without self-censorship.

Pillow talk is known to make both partners feel like they can put their guard down and feel closer, which increases love for each other as well as self-love. Pillow talk can help stabilise a relationship. It can often be the bridge between casual sex and falling in love. This is because ultimately the emotional bond is what keeps a couple together.

If you are still not sure about pillow talk. Take a look below at some pointers from experts:

  1. Talking about what you love about one another
  2. Talking about the future
  3. Reminiscing on special moments such as how you met or your wedding day
  4. Talking about fears
  5. Reminding each other you love one another
  6. Comforting your partner after a stressful day

With this being said we believe it is vital to spend more time engaged in pillow talk to help boost your relationship as well as your intimate bond. Give it a try, and watch your relationship blossom. x