There are so many new trends and ‘must-have’ products when it comes to our skin that it’s hard to stop and try one or even learn more. One of these products are serums. There has been a lot of hype about serums but, do we actually know what they are and what they do?

So, we’ve got a little more info about them to help you select the right one for your skin type/concern.

WHAT IS A SKIN SERUM? Facial serums are lightweight moisturisers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin. They are ideally applied after cleansing, and before applying a moisturiser.

WHY SERUMS? Serums are performance products that contain higher concentrations of active ingredients to deliver proven results.

LESS IRRITATION: Serums are predominantly water based and contain less comedogenic properties than conventional creams, which means they are less likely to cause irritation and breakouts.

SERUMS VS CONVENTIONAL MOISTURISERS: Since serums are designed to be efficient delivery systems, they don’t contain unnecessary artificial ingredients. Their sole purpose is to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin where other products can’t penetrate.

Now that you know more about skin serums let’s see which of your skin concerns can be corrected by using a serum:


  • Skin concern: dull skin, environmentally damaged (sun, smoking, pollution).
  • If you want a brighter looking, healthier skin and even complexion then try GLOW (R349 at
  • Skin concern: Redness, irritation, discomfort & stressed skin.
  • If you want to soothe, calm and cool the skin for total relief then try CALM  (R329 at
  • Skin concern: Oily, problematic skin prone to breakouts.
  • If you want to decongest problematic skin while soothing associated inflammation then try CLEAR (R299 at
  • Skin Concern: Lackluster, dehydrated skin.
  • If you want to achieve rapid revitalisation of tired, dehydrated skin then try ENERGIZE (R329 at
  • Skin concern: Dry skin, climate (air travel, higher altitude, new environment), aircon exposure.
  • If you want to maintain high levels of hydration in the skin, and relieve dryness then try QUENCH (R329 at
  • Skin concern: Poor texture, fine lines & wrinkles, dull skin.
  • If you want to achieve smoother texture and polished skin then try SMOOTH (R299 at 





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