How much do we really know about our lady bits?

Most of us actually don't know as much as we should and if knowledge is power then consider yourself sorted!

So here are three ways you could be neglecting your downstairs area, and how you can improve your vaginal health.


Not having regular pap smears

Truth be told, pap smears are super uncomfortable and rather invasive. However not having regular pap smears is one way that women are seriously neglecting their vaginal health. Experts say that you should have a pap smear every two years. So rubies if you haven't had one in a while we suggest you ring up your gynecologist ASAP!


Unsafe sex 

In today's day and age protective sex needs to be taken more seriously. Due to the fact that being on the pill does not protect one against STIs and using a condom should be second nature unless you are in a serious commitment with someone. As a women you should never be ashamed at asking your partner to use a condom because at the end of the day not using protection will only be putting yourself at risk at contracting STIs.



When it comes to cleaning down there we advise you to rather use mild cleansers such as Betadine Daily Intimate Care Foam. Harsh cleanser and even bubble bath can often alter the delicate pH of the vagina, in turn increasing the risk of infection, thrush and candida.