Did you know that we are often harming our vaginas on a day to day basis unintentionally?

For happier lady parts, take a look at these healthy habitats:

Get Acquainted - In order to know whether or not something is wrong you need to get to know your Vagina. From smell to feel, this may be uncomfortable for some ladies but it is by no means abnormal. Get to know your female parts so that you can make informed decisions and take action if needed. This way, when things are not be so great "down there" then it's time to see a gynaecologist.

Say No to Shower Gel - Shower gel does not only get rid of the bad bacteria, but also unbalance your pH levels. Fragranced soap and shower gels exposes the vagina to chemicals which can lead to an increase in infections and even pelvic inflammatory disease. So to be safe, head over to the bathroom as we speak and get rid of that shower gel and rather opt for a feminine wash.

It's A No to Tightening Creams - Having a dry vagina does not mean your vagina is tighter. Therefore you need it to be wet for intercourse not only for it to be enjoyable but comfortable. When/if the vaginal area is dry, sex becomes painful and could lead to tears. We advise you stick to kegel exercises if you are looking to tighten your vaginal muscles. (Click here to read more on Kegel exercises)

Kegels, You Are So Welcome - Kegels don't only aid in tightening the vaginal muscles but are an easy and healthy way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. The fabulous thing about Kegels is you can do them anywhere at anytime and no one will even know! (Click here to read more on Kegel exercises)

Sugar You Are So Not Welcome - If you eat an excessive amount of chocolates and sweets you tend to be more prone to yeast infections and thrush due to the high sugar content. Try limit your sugar intake when possible in order to prevent fungi from forming.

Watch Your Diet - Did you know if you eat a lot of pineapple it results in a sweet tasting and smelling vagina? (You're welcome....) Therefore we need to remember that just as good smells can come from what we eat so can bad smells. We recommend you stay away from garlic and onion as these are secreted through your pores. Drink lots of water and remember to eat yoghurt as it contains live cultures and good bacteria which are extremely beneficial when it comes to vaginal hygiene.

Go For Cotton - You should always opt for a breathable material when it comes to underwear and gym wear as proper circulation and ventilation is extremely important to your vagina. The reason you should go for a cotton material is because when sweating, bacteria grows and gives off a horrible odour down there.

Now that you are aware of what not to do and what to do let us know if you have any vaginal health tips to add rubies? x