We shave them, we wax them, we sweat from them. Real underarms go through a lot and deserve extra care.

Dove believes that underarm skin should look and feel beautiful too!


Did you know that underarm hair removal can cause irritation to your skin, which reacts by producing extra melanin, leading to the appearance of dark underarm marks.

New Dove Even Tone antiperspirant contains a unique combination of ¼ moisturising cream and calendula extract to visibly improve the tone of underarm skin with visible results in just 14 days.


Thank you to all the rubies who opted in to take part in this test & review campaign.

We will be checking nominated friends, address and then matching profiles to this product for send out.

The final selected group and their friends will be notified within the next few days  – so watch out for our email to see if you were selected.


We can’t wait to see the results and feedback PLUS see even more confidence in our rubies. #OwnYourTone #DoveSA #rubybox #EvenTone


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