British beauty editor Lottie Winter for Glamour, has been in the industry for 6 years and shares some seriously nifty skincare tricks and hacks that she has learnt throughout the years. Take a scroll below.

Chemicals aren't the enemy -

With the trend of late being around saving our ecosystems, we have suddenly opted to 'boycott' products which have chemicals in and are opting for 'chemical-free' formulas. But truth be told everything on this planet is made up of chemicals. Oxygen is a chemical as is water.

Therefore think again when something says chemical-free, it is merely a shallow marketing tactic.

Say goodbye to chapped lips by pressing them together really hard - 

Apparently if you put lip balm on and squeeze your lips together until they hurt you will be less likely to suffer from cracked lips, this in turn stimulates circulation to the chapped areas.

Baby cream is always a good idea - 

Cut your toe open on a night out? Dry heels? Massive pimple? The answer is baby cream or as some may call it sudocrem.

It even helps with those chapped lips.

Keep your hands away from your face - 

We tend to forget how much dirt accumulates on our hands throughout the day and we often find ourselves touching our face unconsciously. This is often the cause of bad skin so take a step back the next time you blame it on your stressful job or bad eating habitats. Keep in mind that hormonal breakouts are a thing and will continue but as soon as you stop touching your face you immediately prevent the transfer of bacteria and dirt.

Ingredient musts - 

There are a couple of ingredients that are scientifically proven to benefit skin. These ingredients are retinol, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and SFPs. Take a quick look at the back of the bottle next time you buy skincare products and ensure they contain some of the above mentioned ingredients.

Sleep, Drink, Eat- 

Drink water often, drink up to a minimum of 8 glasses per day. Eat healthy and stay away from oily foods. To tie it all together ensure you get a solid nights sleep and always remember to change your pillow case once a week to avoid breakouts.

Article source: Glamour UK