Juicing lovers have claimed that drinking your 5 a day is the surest way to lose weight and stay slim while detoxing your body. Bonus right?! But is it really all it has been made out to be?


Juicing Helps To Detoxify The Body: Truth is that the majority of healthy individuals with functional kidneys and livers are able to naturally remove toxins from their bodies without a helping hand. It has been said that doing a juice detox can actually put pressure on these organs, in turn causing them to break down muscle and fat stores in order to create enough energy for our body during fasting periods.

Bottom line there is no quick fix to detoxing your body, if you feel like you need a good cleanse we advise you to look into your lifestyle as a whole and focus on aspects of your physical, mental and emotional well being.


Juicing Is Great For Weight Loss: This all depends on what you put into your juice, how often you juice and how you fit juicing into your lifestyle. This is because some juices are high in sugar content and can be relatively high in calories. On the other hand, juices made from mostly vegetables tend to be lower in calories and can be used to replace high calorie meals in your diet.

However, please note that while juicing may help you lower your calorie intake and result in losing weight, this type of weight loss is not substantial and if not done correctly could aid in you gaining even more weight when you stop the juicing diet.


Juice Is Easy To Digest: Juices generally contain a lower fibre content, which means they are a lot more gentle on our digestive system than what whole fruits and vegetables are. But, you must remember that fibre is essential to the health of our digestive system as they help keep you regular as well as help to remove toxins from your colon.

If you are someone who has a normal digestive system that is able to digest fibre, we recommend you stick to whole fruits and vegetables allowing your body to absorb all those nutrients while keeping your gut nice and healthy.


Juicing Boosts Your Immune System: Vitamins and minerals are vital when it comes to keeping us strong and healthy which in turn helps fight disease, therefore they also aid in keeping our bodies well nourished. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to make sure your nutrient intake is coming from some form of fruit or vegetable.

It is recommended that we eat a minimum of five to seven servings of fruit and vegetables a day. But if for whatever reason you cannot get your whole fruit and veg portions in for the day you can add juices into your diet to make up for the deficit.


So that is what we think about juicing rubies, let us know if it does or doesn't work for you. x