As women, we all have a mutual friend called cellulite. It affects most of us at some stage in our life. It may vary in intensity, but we are all familiar with this biological female phenomenon.

This Tip Tuesday we take a look at what causes cellulite and how to combat it.

There are several factors contributing to cellulite.  The first is gender. Cellulite affects 90% of women. Unfair, but true. Women are naturally predisposed to cellulite due to hormonal fluctuations caused by puberty, pregnancy, menopause, venous insufficiency and birth control medication.

Women also have thinner skin, larger fat lobules and significant distribution of adipocytes (fat cells) in their thighs/buttocks/hips.

Did you know that only half of women attribute the appearance of cellulite to weight gain? Cellulite can occur in ANY body type – short, tall, slim or curvy. Other contributing factors include poor diet, lack of exercise, genetics and age.

Some everyday lifestyle tips to help combat the appearance of cellulite:

  • A balanced diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Drinking enough water
  • Rest and relaxation (if your body is in a constant state of tension, it can’t function properly)
  • A little help from science – Innovative Anti-cellulite products like ELANCYL Slim Design 2-in-1 Firming Oil.


In addition to cellulite, stretch marks and sagging skin can occur as a result of yo-yo dieting.

ELANCYL Slim Design 2-in-1 Firming Oil - This breakthrough 2-in-1 firming product has a dual action which works on visibly reducing the appearance of cellulite AND early stretch marks.

The patented biphase firming formula incorporates key active ingredients to offer powerful results from as little as 7 days*:

  1. THE AQUEOUS PHASE [Caffeine + Ivy] - Reduces the appearance of cellulite, assist detoxification and resculpts the silhouette by strengthening the skin’s firmness and elasticity.
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*Proven results:Smoother, firmer skin: Study conducted on 48 women, aged 18-30 - Analysis after 7 days of use. Anti-cellulite action: Study conducted on 49 women, aged 18-30 - Analysis after 14 days of use. Study conducted on 46 women, aged 18-29 - Analysis after 28 days of use.Anti- stretch mark action: Comparative study on 21 women aged 18-30 - Evaluation of a reference stretchmark after 28 days of use compared to an untreated control stretch mark.