What skin tone and undertone do you have?

What is an Undertone?

“Undertone” is the term used for that subtle, more muted color that lies underneath the skin. You can think of it as a “shadow” that is always there. While the surface colour may change, the undertone stays the same, regardless.

That means you should use your undertone to form the basis of your overall skin tone. In fact, most beauty experts recommend that you use your undertone, rather than your surface colour, to determine which foundation is best. A foundation that doesn’t match your undertone will often look “off”—either too orange, pink, red, or ashen. Eye shadow and blush that doesn’t match your undertone will also look less attractive than colours that do match.


If you look at your wrist and your veins appear a green colour- you’re warm toned.
If you look at your wrist and your veins appear just blue, you’re cool toned.
If you look at your wrist and your veins appear a mix of blue and green tones, you’re olive toned.

5 Ways to Determine Your Skin Tone

1.Check your veins.

You’ve probably heard of this one before. Look at the underside of your wrist. What colour are your veins? Bluish-purple means you’re on the cool side. Greenish means warm. If you’re not sure and your veins look bluish-green, you may be neutral.

2.Do you tan or burn?

Those who seem to turn into bronze goddesses in the sun are usually warm-toned, while those that get red instead are usually cool. That doesn’t mean cools can’t tan—it just means they have to be a little more gradual with their exposure.

3.Do you blush easily? If so, you’re on the cool side.

4.What colors look good on you?

Cool tones look good in deep, vibrant colours, such as blue, purple, and emerald-green. Warm tones glow in earth tones like red, orange, yellow, and olive-green. If you can wear both shades, you have neutral undertones. Another test: picture yourself in a yellow or orange shirt. If it gives you a great glow, you’re warm. If it makes you look a little sickly, you’re cool. If you look good but not great (like warms), you may be neutral.

5.Get a plain piece of white paper and put it up by your face, without any makeup. Does your complexion look dull, or good? (You can also use a bright white towel.)

If you answered “dull,” you’re warm. If you answered “good,” you’re cool. If you can’t tell much difference, you’re neutral.


There you have it rubies. We hope this helps you determine your skin tone and undertone.

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