Our theme for March is “don’t panic, it’s organic”. Women around the world have their own local, natural beauty secrets and tips, so we have selected a few which we think would work right here in South Africa for our own rubies.

Enjoy reading and feel free to share if you have any family beauty secrets that have been passed down.

Bulgarian women believe in using rose water as part of their skin care regime for keeping their face clean and moisturised.  They also believe in yogurt, which is a typical Bulgarian food because of the “Bulgaricus lactobacillus” which is commonly found in Bulgarian yogurt. This friendly bacteria helps with eczema, acne and assists in boosting the immune system.

Chinese women often wash their face with the left over water used to clean rice. This is because some of the nutrients it contains helps to resolve the oil and dirt from the skin. They also have a diet high in vegetables.

Croatian women trust in olive oil. Olives have been cultivated there for centuries and they believe there is nothing that olive oil can’t cure. The women use it in many ways. At the beach they put it on their skin, face, and hair, after soaking for 15 minutes they wash off the residue in the sea – this they believe is the best combination for silky skin and healthy hair. Their diet staple is fresh fish and organic food.

German women swear by rinsing their hair with beer which makes it bouncy and shiny. They’re also fans of warm milk baths to nourish and soften their skin. Simply add two cups of milk to your warm bath and soak for about ten minutes.

They have a diet full of vegetables and fruit, with asparagus being one of the favourites due to its detoxifying properties.

Indian women make a cooling mask for their skin with a mix of sandalwood in powder form, with any liquid—water, milk, yogurt, or rose water. It clears out pores and soothes inflamed skin. Another traditional beauty treatment is ‘hair oiling’ where they mix of coconut, almond, and olive oil and use this as a hair mask.

Japanese women use clay masks for the scalp as well as the face, because it gently absorbs facial dirt.

Their diet often consists of soy products which contain ample amounts of isoflavone, which is low calories and rich in protein.  They also protect their skin from dryness and damage throughout the year with UV cut cream and lots of moisturising.

Polish women believe in drinking a lot of water as well as pumpkin seed oil. A tablespoon twice a day keeps your skin moisturised and your hair strong and shiny. You can also massage the oil into the skin for a firming, smoothing, and rejuvenating effect. Another secret is water with lemon and honey prepared in the evening and left overnight. This is a perfect shot of vitamins, making the skin beautiful and glowing.