Tip Tuesday

Here are some quick and simple (and fun) tips to try out this week at home – please let us know which is your favourite…

For radiant skin - slice a few grapes in half and rub the cut sides over cleansed skin. The fruit acids are natural exfoliators and will give you a gorgeous glow.

Wake up fatigued and puffy eyes with a cool eye cream- keep yours in the fridge (It will work wonders). Apply it from the outer corners of your eyes toward your nose, using your index fingers - draining excess fluid and making your eyes appear larger.

Tackle those blemishes with two ingredients homeopaths have used for centuries: anti-inflammatory arnica and antibacterial tea tree oil. Just dab these two oils onto your spot and wait for the magic to happen ; )

Get bronzed without a self-tanner. Here is a simple recipe to use if you’re unable to make it to the store to get that self-tan magic. Mix 1 teaspoon of a high SPF sunscreen and a pinch of loose mineral bronzer in your palm, then blend it over your face for an instant radiance. The SPF will also keep you protected if you do happen to go out in the sun.

Make a facial mask more active by applying it in the shower, as the steam will open your pores so ingredients can penetrate your skin more deeply (simple, yet very effective). Did someone say home spa?

Treat your parched strands to a hydrating mask with all-natural olive oil.

Prevent breakage in chemically treated hair by applying a rich styling cream before you use that hair straightener.

Strengthen hair with a fabulous mayo mask (its cholesterol plumps the cuticle): comb 1/2 cup yummy mayo through wet hair, wait 15 minutes, and rinse with cool water; shampoo as usual. If you have any raw veggies around, you might as well make a dip at the same time and have a party in your bathroom ;)

(Just kidding)

Anyway,  that’s it from us rubies… have fun making these amazing beauty recipes and using these simple tips, and please don’t forget to let us know which one is your favourite!

Until next time xxx