This Tip Tuesday we look at the top tips to make sure you are looking 'super' in every photo. With summer here it means more socialising and more photographs!


Use a mask first. Before you apply make-up you need to prep your skin with a moisture mask. The more radiant your skin looks the better you look in photographs.


Use the absolute best foundation and concealer for your skin. Use a more concentrated concealer for under-eyes and blemishes, and a sheer application for the rest of your face. Finishing off with a translucent setting powder.


Highlighting is crucial. Be sure to highlight the cheekbones, under the brow, down the bridge of the nose, and onto the Cupid's bow to create a glow from within.


Don't forget blush. If you have a subtle, natural tint on your cheeks you instantly look healthy and happy.


Curl your lashes. This is one of our favourites; it is a quick easy step with great results. Even if you don’t wear mascara, a simple curl of the lashes will completely open your eyes.


Accentuate your best feature, and let the rest of your make-up be subtle. If you're going to do a stronger lip, don't overdo it on the eyes, but make sure there's still some definition. If you're doing a strong eye, have a little something on the lips.


Selfie pose. Always take photos from above, this gives you the appearance of a well defined bone structure and doesn't make you look too shiny.


Take time to find the best lighting and angles. Take some selfies and play around with different angles - when someone says, 'This is my good side,' that's actually not an untrue statement. It's highly likely that you have a 'better side' for photographs.


That’s it for this weeks Tip Tuesday, tag us in some of your selfies and show us what you've learnt xxx


Do you have any tips or tricks on taking good photos?