We often tend to forget that eating the right thing at the wrong time could be just as detrimental to you as eating the wrong thing basically at anytime.

Take a look at when it is the best time of the day to eat certain food.

Full-Fat Dairy - Breakfast 

The best time to eat full-fat dairy products is first thing in the morning the reason being is that it is loaded with calcium, vitamin D, zinc and so much more to help you get your day started. You should not be eating full-fat dairy before a workout, this is because fat slows your digestion down. When you exercise you are diverting blood away from your gut which slows down the process even more this leading to possible nausea and stomach trouble.

Cherries - After Dinner

Avoid cherries in the afternoon the reason being is that they are loaded with sugar resulting in an increase in blood glucose levels which ultimately crashes your energy levels and stimulating hunger. We advise you to eat cherries rather before bed as they release the sleep hormone melatonin along with the carbs in the fruit they help your body to relax.

Eggs - Post-Workout

When you muscles are feeling tired and drained they require amino acids to get them going again. You should swerve the intake of eggs before your work out because protein takes a long time to digest this will cause stomach cramps and discomfort.

Fresh Pasta - Lunching on the move 

Fuelling up on pasta for a day on the move is totally well worth it, we advise you to give it a skip if you will be sitting at a desk all day long. Pasta contains natural sugars which maintain stamina and keep your muscles filled with enough glycogen to keep them moving when you are running to and from errands.

Nut Butter - In Monderation 

You are probably thinking what?! This is a harmless snack choice! We tend to snack on healthy items because they are healthy but what we forget is that we often over indulge with not even knowing that we are. If you are craving a sweet snack help yourself to a teaspoon of nut butter mid morning as its slow release of energy will keep you going until lunch time.

Now that you know these tips on when to eat and when not to eat certain foods let us know if you have any tips on when the right time is to eat certain foods? x