Good news – winter is nearly over! Now ladies, we know it's going to be a hard adjustment, but we need to start packing away our onesies, hot water bottles and dusting off those razors! (Don't be shy, we're guilty of this last one too)

We caught up with Jenny Frazer one of our beauty experts who shared her ten tips on getting ready for Spring.
Jenny is a make-up expert with over 20 years experience in the art of make-up. She is the granddaughter of Graham Wulff, inventor of Oil of Olay and co-owner of internationally acclaimed Frazer Parfum, catering to stars such as John Malkovich and Sophie Dahl.

1. Lightly exfoliate your face and body to get rid of dry winter skin .

2. Make sure you have a good tinted moisturiser with a SPF, this will help you get in the mood for Spring by adding a little colour to your face as well as protecting your skin while outdoors.

3. Give your hair a moisture treatment. Spring means more time in the outdoors so prepare your hair by boosting the moisture and avoid it drying out.

4. Give yourself an exfoliation pedicure, you can use a mixture of coarse sugar and olive oil - your feet will be exposed during Spring so now's the time to make sure they're not dry or cracked from a long winter.

5. Buy a new lipstick. I always like to look at what trends are around for lip colour in Spring, this is the perfect time to buy a new fresh colour.

6. Start to focus on your body again. Increase your exercise a little so that by the time spring is here, you're fit and healthy. Even if you make time for one extra walk a week, this is time well spent.

7. With the warmer weather you will find you'll want to drink more water, this is the most powerful way to get your skin looking radiant and healthy for spring.

8. If you've been thinking about lightening your hair or cutting a fringe, now is the time! It's a new season and the perfect time to try a new look.

9. Apply a light coat of mascara. I find you can get away with a good lipstick and no eye make up over Winter, however with Spring you need to re-fresh your make-up.

10. There's nothing better than clear skin, a good mascara on your lashes, a dash of bronzer on your cheeks and a beautiful lipstick to set you on your way to summer!

Right ladies, there you have it. We'd love to see your fresh Spring looks! If like us, you believe that "sharing is caring" take a pic and share your Spring look with us using #rubybox #rbspringlook