We’re all about embracing your natural hair texture. We have 6 amazing styles for curly hair, plus how to style and manage these looks.

THE BOUNCY BOB - Short, sassy, cute and cool. Celebrity reference: Rihanna and Charlize Theron.

The cut: Shape is everything - round layers will add instant fullness, bringing out a natural bounce.

Apply a smoothing cream to lock curls together and achieve lovely definition. Then simply use a diffuser or air dry naturally before you race out of the door. Once in a while run fingertips through roots to add some extra body and put the spring back into your style.


THE SPIRALIZER - Fun and feisty. Celebrity reference: Sarah Jessica Parker and Corinne Bailey.

The cut: Use layers sparingly to bring curls back into balance. Avoid a fixed parting; this curl loves to look dynamic when flicked in different directions.

Mix a drop of oil into a curl cream to create beautiful softness and shine. Beware of over drying the top section or braking curls up by scrunching - both are sure fire ways to add frizz.


THE NEW WAVE LOB - Chic and tousled. Celebrity reference: Thandie Newton.

The cut: Remove the weight from your jawline and let layers be your guide to playing with the shape, knowing that you have the freedom to go as big as you like.

The style: Keep it creamy when it comes to products. They’ll add shape and definition, giving curls back their healthy glow. A cleansing conditioner is an ideal way to nourish without weighing down curls.


THE CHOPPY SHAG - Sweetness with sex appeal. Celebrity reference: Salma Hayek and Shakira.

The cut: A long, choppy fringe with face-framing layers will max out the movement of this textured wave and make for eyes and cheekbones that stand out in a crowd.

Diffuse dry to bump up the body, add a cream or wax to the ends to supercharge shaggy definition. A nourishing shampoo and conditioner are your perfect product partners. Always comb curls through with your fingers when wet and try leaving in a bit of conditioner when rinsing.


THE HIPSTER - A delicate wave, soft and romantic. Celebrity reference: Lily Cole and Selena Gomez.

The cut: It’s not about tight ringlets - the trademark aspect of this look is long, easy layers.

Attach a diffuser to your dryer to tease out the delicate wave. Over styling is the enemy of this curl, so keep in mind that less is always more. This length needs some serious tender loving care. So pick a cleansing conditioner and masque for extra nourishing benefits.


THE SUPERMODEL CURL - Longer, thicker curl. Celebrity reference: Beyoncé and Karlie Kloss.

The cut: Streamline the silhouette by adding a few simple layers just around the outline, then keep it current with a crisp center part.

Give your long curls the ultimate workout by wrapping one-inch sections around your finger and gently twisting whilst wet. Flipping your head upside down will loosen up curls for a look that’s both sexy and cool. Set long, thick curls on a path to perfect health with super nourishing products that maximise moisture levels.


So rubies, now you know the best way to style and manage these curl types.

Let us know if you have any other tips you can share with the rubybox community when it comes to curly hair?