Straws and wrinkles, bet you didn't think you would ever hear those two words in one sentence. Did you know that just by putting your lips around a straw, you can kick start the anti-ageing process?

Here are more daily habits that can affect your skin....

Put down the straw and pick up the glass

What was once a myth, has been proved true, ‘wrinkles are caused by any excessive muscle movement,’ says dermatologist Dr Debra Jaliman. She believes the best time to combat these signs is when you’re younger, and advises using a bit of retinol around the forehead and mouth at night to solve this problem. We like retinol-rich Yves Rocher Wrinkles & Firmness Force Day Cream.

Break that bad habit, yes you know the one

Whether you’re a 20-a-dayer or a sneaky social puffer, smoking restricts blood flow and is another major cause of ageing, particular around your mouth. It’s a bad habit that you need to break, unless you’re happy with a dull, wrinkled complexion. Ok, we know it’s not something that can happen overnight so look at applying a brightening moisturiser daily. We love Pond’s Gold Radiance Youthful Glow Day Cream SPF15.

Stop dismissing acne as a hormonal breakout

Too often we hear this, and there is much faster and more effective way to handle acne than by trying every spot-busting product line other there. Book an appointment with a dermatologist. Professional advice can mean less long term effects on your skin, like scarring and we believe firmly believe prevention is better than cure. To find a reputable dermatologist in your area go to:

Turn down the heat

Turning the hot tap on full blast can actually dry out your skin and hair, rather go for a moderate temperature to keep moisture locked in. Then, while you’re still damp apply a rich moisturiser like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Gloss which contains cocoa butter and vitamin E, plus it gives skin a gorgeous glow. Plus, as you age, your hair also becomes more brittle and less resilient so try and avoid washing your hair daily to help preserve the flow of natural oils from your scalp to your locks.

Stay active

This helps in many ways. Exercise helps to increase your blood supply which means healthier looking skin and more days of looking fabulous!

Slow down ageing with antioxidants

Having a nutritious and healthy diet is the key! Makeup is amazing for a lot of things but can only cover imperfections on the surface; these are where antioxidants come in. Great skin comes from within. Some examples of foods you could try while you’re young, munching on some berries and dark chocolate to keep your body healthy from within and glowing on the outside.

Embrace your inner scientist

Having a set skincare routine can result in healthier, more glowing skin – something we all want. So depending on your skin concern, make sure the right ingredients are listed on the back of your products. This also means that they need to be listed early on, as the further down the list they are, the smaller the amount.

If dark spots are a problem, look for vitamin C, soy and arbutin.

Fine lines a concern? Look for hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and retinol.

Want to combat shine? Look for charcoal, kaolin and silicone.

And no matter what your skin type or complexion, always apply sunscreen too!