Some anti-agers are worth EVERY. SINGLE. CENT! Here are our all-time top six...

Freezeframe Inhibox Instant Wrinkle Freeze R799.95
Why you have to have it: With Botox-like effects, just a lot less invasive, Inhibox is the game-changing ingredient which immediately freezes and fills wrinkles on the spot. Resurfacing the skin in under five minutes, it’s the ultimate quick fix filler.

Esse Serum R279.95
Why you have to have it: Pampering and prepping your skin for it to optimally benefit from your skincare regime, this serum is rich in plumping hyaluronic acid, a must-have if you want your complexion to get maximum value from your costly, active-ingredient packed moisturiser.

Verso Super Eye Serum R1149.95
Why you have to have it: Unlike normal retinol-rich anti-agers, you can expose your skin to sunlight after applying this collagen boosting, retinol 8 infused eye serum. It also outshines others as it's a whopping eight times more effective than your run-of-the-mill retinol skincare product.

Skin Science Renewing Night Serum R129.95
Why you have to have it: For even skin tone that feels silky smooth, let this serum, which is packed with apple stem cells, work its magic while you sleep. Deliciously fresh and not sticky or oily, it'll nourish and restore damaged skin while you rest, giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘beauty sleep’!

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Eye Cream R209.95
Why you have to have it:  This cream not only restores a youthful appearance to the fast-ageing eye area, but makes for a fantastic primer too. Suitable for contact lens wearers, it’s gentle on the skin but ruthless on fine lines and leaves skin looking refreshed and radiant.

Olay Regenerist 30 Second Wrinkle Filler R239.95
Why you have to have it: As instantaneous as it is effective, this fast-working filler will have you looking younger in under a minute. Thanks to silicon micro beads, it not only fills lines but locks in moisture too, keeping your skin smooth and elastic for up to 25 hours.