These clean eating tips will not only boost your immune system but also help to 'spring clean' your body after a long winter filled with comfort food.

Spring is all about a fresh start so what better place to start than with yourself. A great approach this new season is to aim to better the person you were the day before. Take it day by day as it is far easier to implement change when you take baby steps to improve your health and wellbeing rather than going full steam a head which can often backfire.


Simple ways to spring clean your diet: 


Eat for the season - Focus on the in-season fruit and vegetables, swopping out soups and stews for delicious salads and plant-based foods. Our immune systems take a knock after winter so we suggest you opt for prebiotic-containing fruit and vegetables such as apples and asparagus.


Cut down on coffee - Caffeine has always created a stir, but when it comes to cappuccinos these milky drinks are loaded with kilojoules which come at a cost. A cuppa usually holds between 500-900 kilojoules. If you find it too difficult ditching the caffeine, try an Americano with a dash of milk only.


Eat water - This does not mean downing H2O until you are full, but rather pile your plate with vegetables and salad. We recommend that you fill half your plate with vegetables and/or salad becuase vegetables are between 90%-95% water and are filled with fibre, vitamins and minerals.


Balance - When it comes to eating in general, it is worth bringing balance by making healthy choices but not depriving your body of anything. Remember when you often go to extremes the novelty wears off early on and you actually are just over exhorting yourself.


Do you have any healthy tips to get into shape this Spring? X