Don't ever let anyone tell you to date a nice guy and here is why.

We have all dated some real jerks, men who have ghosted us and left us sitting around wondering what we did so wrong to deserve to be treated in such a way. But at the end of the day do remember that 'nice' should be the baseline of a basic given quality in any man you go for.

Of course, you should date a guy that is nice to you but you don’t want to date a nice guy, period. Don’t make “nice” the defining characteristic of the person you’re attaching yourself to. Be sure that they can and do act nice, but know that there are more important things than a saintly man.

So we advise you to give the nice guy a miss and date a guy who loves and respects you. Date a guy who will fight for you and won't bail on you after that 3am drunken screaming match. Date a guy who is honest and who will test you beyond measure but help you up every time you fall.

Even if he stays at the bar an hour longer than he said he would. Even if he doesn’t always make the bed in the morning. Date someone who isn’t perfect, who doesn’t always do things right, who gives you butterflies in the smallest ways. But date someone who in the biggest ways, the ways that count, makes you wildly happy, and makes you feel safe. Don’t date a nice guy, date someone who is just as terrible as you are, and then be nice to each other.

So this is why its okay to let the nice guy finish last! x