We have all had those days where our stomach decides to project a noisy rumble at the most unwelcoming of times. Sometimes our hunger pangs are so fierce we are even willing to tuck into that expired yoghurt tub.

Hanger pangs are a result of our stomach muscles contracting when the stomach is empty. These contractions send signals to the brain which in turn release the hunger hormone ghrelin. The same thing occurs when fat levels drop, this is often why we feel hungrier when we are dieting.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with hunger pangs when they strike -

Your Hunger Gauge: You need to learn how to identify whether you are slightly, very or extremely hungry in order to determine your meal size.

Recognise True Hunger: Hunger pangs are your bodies way of telling your brain that you have used up all the energy from the last meal  you ate, your body now taps into stored energy also known as fat to generate energy.

Hunger Increases Sensitivity: The hungrier you become the more sensitive your tastebuds become. We suggest you try tolerate the mild hunger pangs in order to maximise the pleasure you get from food.

Distract Yourself: Try focus your attention on something else when hunger pangs strike, because once your body has burned a bit of fat it will provide you with energy to last a little longer. If these continue it is a sign your body is really hungry and needs food.

Here are a list of best foods for dealing with hunger pangs - 

  • Yoghurt with almonds and frozen berries
  • Apple with almond butter
  • Carrot sticks with humus
  • Popcorn

Let us know what method helps you to reduce hanger pains - without reaching to that chocolate bar or sandwich on the run. x