Dove, the beauty brand trusted by women and mothers around the world for its skin care and moisturising expertise, has launched Baby Dove, its first ever range of baby care products.

Baby Dove brings the heart of the Dove brand into baby care with its newest line of products. Dove has built on its nearly 60-years heritage of moisture, mildness and care to develop this range.


We sent 3 products from the Baby Dove range to ruby moms to test and review with their newborns, toddlers and small children. #rubybox #BabyDove #trustyourway

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80% of the ruby moms were trying Baby Dove products for the 1st time.

See below for the ratings from the moms and click here to read their reviews on the Baby Dove products.

  • 99% of the moms who test & reviewed agreed that it was is gentle enough to use on new-borns
  • 99% of the moms who test & reviewed said that it kept their baby's skin soft and moisturised
  • 99% of the moms who test & reviewed would recommend Baby Dove to other parents
  • 98% of the moms who test & reviewed said they would buy the Head To Toe wash in future
  • 97% of the moms who test & reviewed said they would buy the Baby Dove Baby Bar in future
  • 95% of the moms who test & reviewed said they would buy the Baby Dove Nappy Cream in future





Some of our blogger moms also tested the Baby Dove range. See below for their blog posts and personal reviews.


Helene from the blog Pretty Belle

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Comfort Tshabalala from The Daily Sun

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Jen from Being Me Jen

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Noluhle from Lunova Lifestyle

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Melissa from Pretty Messy Mellon

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Lynette from Pink And Purple Dots

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