Beautiful skin will make you a morning person, with 3000 golden bubbles* working on your skin during the night - get ready to welcome your inner glow.

What if you could reset your skin overnight, erase the impact of stress and fatigue, and wake up each morning with fresh, rested healthy-looking skin?

Our busy modern lives are full of stress, pollution, and often exhaustion, and all these elements have a direct impact on your skin. Your skin is best able to perform its repairing and regenerating functions at night, which makes your night-time skin routine so important.

Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum from L’OCCITANE*
will leave you with skin that looks rested, fresh, more youthful and radiant. You’ll see a difference after just one night. This extraordinary serum suits all skin types, and slots into any and all skincare routines. (*Available to purchase online and in-store from the 3rd September 2018)


We’re sending this product to a group of profiled rubies to test for 7 days so that they can let us know if their beautiful skin has made them a morning person!

So, rubies, if you received this email and took the survey keep an eye on your emails as we will be notifying the final group via email and sending products within the next 48hours.