We all know how great exercise is for us, but how do we simply find the time when working a 9-5 or when we are just simply not a fan of the gym.

According to research regular exercise can help prevent Alzheimer's, prolong your life and of course it aids in weight loss. So yes the benefits are great, but finding the time and motivation is another story.

Here is a short list of realistic ways to squeeze in workouts when you do not have the time or the confidence to hit the gym.


Morning workouts - This doesn't mean you have to wake up at 5am to hit the gym. We are well aware of getting kids ready, packing lunches and so on. But all you need to do is set your alarm for 15-minutes earlier and follow a 10-15 minute Pilates or yoga routine. Click here to see yoga for beginners. This is a easy way to fit in a workout in as you do not need any equipment. Due to this workout being a focus on strength and flexibility, you don't actually workout a great sweat as you would when running, bonus you can even do it in your PJ's!


Movement breaks - Everyone can benefit from adding some movement into their work day. Even if you can't get up every hour try walking around the office or taking the stairs instead of the elevator or lift to your next meeting. Getting up and moving from your desk off sets the health hazard of sitting for long periods of time, as well as helps boost your weekly calorie burn!


Multitask - If multitasking is the only way you can fit in a workout, we will take it. From cleaning the house to playing with the kids, you can turn almost any daily activity into an opportunity to burn calories. Researchers have named this as HIIPA - high intensity incidental physical activity and advise that you should aim to fit in 3-5 brief HIIPA sessions in a day if that is the only way you will be getting a workout in.


Take a stroll - In order to perform at your best, you need a proper break fro your desk. So take that lunch break and squeeze in a workout as well. Whether or not you hit the gym or simply go for a walk and explore the area or enjoy a local park we urge you to not sit at your desk during your lunch break. It is both mental and physically beneficial for your body if you get up for an hour and put your work aside, something many of us tend to not do.


HIIT it in the evening - When you are short and time and you want to fit in a good sweat we recommend you make time for a HIIT - high intensity interval training session. A HIIT session has been shown to help burn more fat and build muscle in less time than regular workouts. Plus you can follow a HIIT workout in the comfort of your own home.


And there you have it rubies five ways to help you get moving without putting foot in a gym.

Do you have any other ways to sneak a workout in? Share with us by commenting below.