The brand you've trusted and known for years, Lifestyle, has changed their name to Libresse. Same quality and comfort BUT now with triple protection. Click here to see what our rubies are saying about the Multistyle liners.

Read here what our bloggers had to say about their Libresse experience: Nadine Knows Beauty, It's A Girazi Thang, The Life & Style of Aneesa Vally,

Our rubies are loving their Libresse Multistyle Liners [Read further below for competition details


Libresse is showing us that confidence, security and freedom are ours for the taking. Their new initiative 'Vagina Varsity' show us that 'Being a vagina-haver, doesn't make us a vagina expert'.

Each individual is unique and so is your flow. Find the product that fits your needs at a specific time in your cycle. Read more here to find what product fits your cycle.

The start of a period: When your period is on its way but you don’t know exactly when it’ll happen, we recommend you to wear thick liners.
Period:  In this phase all of our products; towels, thick liners and tampons are suitable – all depending on your flow. Remember to use a product that has the right absorption for your flow. Check out our drop system.
End of Period: Towards the end of the period the flow is usually lighter and then any liner can be used in-between periods our light liners are an easy way to keep dry and fresh every day.
Ovulation:  During your ovulation you might experience an increase of discharge, and thin liners and absorbent liners are usually the most suitable.

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1.Like the Libresse Facebook page
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The winners will be announced on Friday, 9th December 2016
-You can enter as many times as you like
-Only open to South African residents
-You will have 48hours to respond to our email if you are notified that you have won
-You must post a photo on social media and tag both rubybox and Libresse along with the relevant hashtags in order to enter