After a long flight the last thing you most probably feel like is hitting the gym to get the blood flowing. So give the gym a skip and try out these no fuse exercises as soon as you get to your hotel room or arrive back home. You won't regret it! They will ease those travel-cramped muscles and help you get your energy levels back up after that long flight.

These four exercises below are known to wake your body up after being cramped in a confined space for long periods of time. These twists and inversions will help fight swelling, bloating and fatigue while increasing your circulation. So take note for your next long haul flight.

High-Lunge Twist:


Alternating Two-Point Plank: 


Crab Reach: 


Feet-Elevated Bridge: 


After traveling repeat these exercises in the sequence they appear above resting for a minute between each and repeating the circuit for three rounds.

Let us know if you have any post travel tips to help your body normalise after a long haul of traveling and flying? x