We all have our beauty pet peeves, and sometimes the line between being on-trend and making a beauty blunder can be a fine one.

Allure recently named their 14 Worst Bad-Taste-Beauty Mistakes and the list addresses some of the beauty world’s biggest beauty felonies. Here is, our selection of common beauty mishaps that should be avoided at all costs:

Crime 1: When foundation isn't blending beyond the jawline - Achieving flawless coverage is all about blending your foundation and being consistent. Even though the skin beyond your jawline may not look like it needs any coverage, it's a major distraction when the colour on your face doesn't match the colour on your neck. So next time you apply your foundation rubies, remember to blend, blend, blend all the way past your jawline, onto your neck and collarbone.

Crime 2: When your lip liner doesn’t match your lipstick - Lining your lips can do wonders for defining their shape and preventing lipstick from ‘bleeding,’ but there’s nothing as unattractive as lined lips without the matching lippie. Always make sure that you colour in your lips with your pencil after lining, so that you’re left with a base colour when your lipstick wears off. Match your lipstick and liner perfectly for long-lasting, rich colour.

Crime 3: When your mani starts to chip - Women are known for having a lot to do, and in between work, family, socialising and domestic chores, our perfectly painted mani’s don’t last half as long as we’d like them to. However, once they start chipping, the colour has to go. Half-done nails may look great on rock stars, but on the rest of us they look messy and unkempt. If you don’t have the time to maintain your colour, opt for clear polish instead, as it’ll chip invisibly.

Crime 4: When your eyebrows are over-plucked or too “coloured-in” - Eyebrows frame the face, so keeping them in shape makes a major difference to an overall look. We all love clean brows, but over-plucking will leave you looking like you try too hard. On the contrary, overly-coloured-in brows can be equally bad. Our rule? If you’re not too sure about your shape, pay a visit to your beauty therapist for a professional pluck instead. Poor Pammie's rocking tattoo-style lip liner and brows..not a good look.

Crime 5: When you over-indulge on bronzer - Bronzing and shimmer powders are beautiful, and can really give your skin a healthy glow, but too much bling or bronze becomes a problem. Though jewel-encrusted eye makeup looks beautiful on the runway or in a magazine, too much glitz (especially for daytime) looks trashy. If you’re wearing a shimmery blush, stick to matte eye shadow and powder (and vice versa).

What do you think, rubies? Which makeup looks do you consider bad taste?