"Be excellent, let it be your brand. It's a choice. It makes you Unforgettable. It will follow you.

We may doubt ourselves but we are rewarded with peace of integrity. Fill your cup up, surround yourself with people who fill you up so that your cup runneth over.

Strive to change the world. Questions begin and end with you. Know that all things are possible."


Oh how we still love listening to Oprah.

Her words always hit the right note because she shares such honest, caring, wise advice. This is one of our favourite videos and below are the 3 things she talks about in the video:

  1. Know who you are - Take control of your life
  2. Serve - service brings significance
  3. Always do the right thing


(*This video was shared directly from here and was filmed at Spelman College. Images sourced from Pinterest)