Manbox is about a brother that takes care of himself. It's about that uncle that doesn't chow kids snacks on the fridge but has his eye on the next cool gadget. All about that hustler that takes metrofail everyday to fulfill his "black tax" duties. The dude who isn't scared to sweat out all the shisanyama and vetkoeks from the weekend to the gym. The "outi" from next door that just got a degree. Manbox is for that Bae who is got "that thing" yabo. All those gents building a startup to solve current issues in the country. Am I talking about you?


I'm definitely not talking about the retired rapper Riky Rick who had to wear a mask with his Chularp Suwannapha outfit at the 24th South African Music Awards (SAMAs) this past weekend. Allegedly Mr Kotini didn't get the chance to shave his beard, shame bro nobody is buying the "Afro Joker" interpretation of your outfit. If anyone bumps into Riky, please just let him to sign up on Manbox so we can send him free grooming products, fitness products, gadgets and all men swag stuff. Worry not Mr Kotini, MANBOX got your back with L'OCCITANE Shave Pack.

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Gents, if you're on the same whatsApp group with Riky follow MANBOX (if not a member yet) on social media platforms.


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