“In order to find your true destiny, you have to follow your heart.” John McInroy.


You’ll find this red-hot rubyman on one of Cape Town’s beautiful beaches or meandering through nature - or if you’re socially savvy and keep up-to-date with the South African game changers out there, you will recognise him from the incredible philanthropic work he does. Founder of red-sock Friday and the Unogwaja Charitable Trust which he created in 2010, this red-hot ruby man truly represents all that makes SA beautiful; heart!


We got together with him (Yes we know we have the best jobs in the world!) to ask him a few questions.


Q: First of all John, I know our rubies want to know if you have a girlfriend?
A: No…


Q: How do you keep yourself busy, any special hobbies?
A: I don't have a problem with keeping myself busy! But I am getting better at prioritizing time completely away from technology and in nature. It is essential to be effective and to survive! I enjoy walking, taking long hikes and just nature in general. I love reading and am currently reading “We have now begun our descent - how to stop South Africa losing its way" by Justice Malala who I have been lucky enough to spend time with personally.


Q: You are so dedicated to your dream and vision, tell us about that?
A: It's what's makes me who I am! My work is linked to everything in my life. I want to contribute as best I can. I believe we all have a responsibility to contribute. We should look to nature to see that every species is making a contribution to a better system for all that each species depends upon. I am inspired by how Madiba's presence and legacy continues to grow and impact the world around us. When walking from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg whenever Madiba's name came up it didn't matter who you were, Xhosa, Zulu, black, white, rich or poor, his name brought joy and allowed us to forget our differences that so often seem to get in the way. Madiba inspires us to be great.


Q: Please tell us about the Unogwaja Charitable trust?
A: The Unogwaja Charitable Trust focuses on education in South Africa particularly primary education. We identify what we call "Unogwaja Lights" across the country to partner and realize this with. Unogwaja Charitable trust's key focus is to ensure that whatever investment we make leads to the empowerment of our people and we will continue to evaluate this to ensure that we are supporting self reliance. The movement was established in 2011 when we raised R50,000. Five years later we have raised over R3million and we have refined our focus to what it is today. There has never been a more important time in our history than now to address education in our country. The recent stand taken by students across our country has shown how much this is needed. What's truly alarming is that the majority of our country do not get anywhere close to tertiary education, fees or no fees. I believe this is the single most important area to address that can have positive effects across all the inequalities we as a nation still face. We need to act now before it is too late. Our future depends on it.


Q: How we can get involved?
A: There are many ways to get involved. A simple donation or purchase of red socks will contribute to our mission.
Over time I hope we create exciting internships with us plus there will certainly be opportunities to support the Lights we partner with.


Q: You speak about the empowerment of South Africans with so much passion, what does empowerment mean to you?
A: Empowerment is a very interesting concept to me. I think often there is a focus on the giver as opposed to the person who is receiving. We need to change that, the focus needs to be on the people receiving, as this enables them to grow for themselves.


Q: Ever tried a dating site or had any crazy blind date set-ups?
A: No! I like the universe to play out as this had led me to the most meaningful things in my life so far.
If you are following the path you are meant to walk you will find the people you are meant to find whether they be for a season or a lifetime.


Q: Star sign?
A: I am a cancerian. I recently saw my star chart up until now which was really interesting! I think it's going to take a really understanding person to partner with me!! But she's out there and for now I will make the most of flying solo and the ability to fully focus on what I am doing and making myself more equipped for the path ahead.


Q: What does the concept of a superwoman mean to you?
A: A superwoman is most certainly a natural beauty. She is an independent woman who focuses on truth and on being authentic. She is kind and acts with integrity. There is something incredibly attractive about having a purpose and seeing someone put that purpose into action. I love seeing a woman that is dedicated to her dream! I love to see a woman in all her glory, fulfilling her destiny.


Socially savvy and seamlessly sexy, seem to go hand in hand when it comes to John McInroy and beyond that smile and charm is truly a heart of gold. If you would like to get in touch with John you can follow him on Twitter  @johnmcinroy @theunogwaja @redsockfriday


Check out www.unogwaja.com for all info