Hello rubies

Guess what? IT'S HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!

I am sure you're as excited as we are to get those toes into the sand and the festive season started.

2015 at rubybox was a super exciting time for us and we're proud and honoured to have brought you some awesome beauty tips, amazing beauty buys and some great spa specials. Thank you to every single ruby who has been on this journey with us and we can't wait to see what 2016 has in store!!!

A sneak peak into the 2016 campaigns next year - we have a fabulous hair care line, gorgeous fragrance lines, and of course a super premium skin care range to introduce you too. Don't forget to update and fill in your beauty profile so that you can be in the running to take part in these amazing campaigns!

As rubies, we stand together as women, beautiful in all of our shapes and differences, but more importantly we stand as one, united. Here is to 2016, to supporting our fellow woman and to being the Goddess we all are!

So go out there, embrace each other's uniqueness and enjoy this well-deserved break!

Lots of love,

Lize and the rubybox team xxx