An #EvenMore Confident You - Let your outer beauty reflect your inner confidence with the new Lux Even Tone Beauty Soap.


Uneven skin tone has left women all over the world feeling insecure and second guessing their confidence, and not letting their inner beauty shine through.


LUX has always believed in creating a product that highlights women’s beauty and confidence, because all women are more than you can see. LUX Even Tone is more than just a beauty bar. It has been specifically formulated to reveal your beautiful, glowing skin.


The LUX Even Tone beauty bar is infused with Floral Beauty Oil and active ingredients that work synergistically to reveal radiantly glowing and fragrant skin. Active ingredients like Vitamin B3 revitalises your skin, giving it a beautiful appearance. While the smooth creamy beads lock in moisture and gently polishes your skin.


Get your Lux Even Tone beauty bar from leading retailers and pharmacies for R13.99.

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