We just cannot get enough of the gorgeous brand Benefit Cosmetics, and we thought it would only be fitting to share our go-to products from the brand with you.

Take a look below to find out what we keep in our makeup bags at the rubybox HQ:



Primer often seems like an unnecessary step in your beauty routine, but in fact it is actually rather important. Primer allows for your makeup to stay on for a longer period of time as well as eliminates creases and wrinkles.

Shop POREfessional Face primer by Benefit here.



Multi purpose lip & cheek stain

We all need one of these laying around whether it be in your car or at the bottom of your handbag. A tinted lip & cheek stain is a must not only does it keep your lips hydrated, but gives a sheer touch of colour to your look with little to no effort and bonus you can use it on your cheeks for that extra pop of colour.

Click here to shop our favourite lip & cheek stain range by Benefit.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 9.17.09 AM


Brow gel 

Perfect brows equal hard work. Just as you use a hair brush to style your hair you can use brow gel to style your brows. Brow gel doesn't only leave you looking on point but helps hold your brows in shape all day long. Definitely a makeup bag must have!

To get the perfect gelled brows click here and Ka-brow you have it.




When you are in a hurry and have limited time to paint your face, a flick of mascara does just the right job. So if there is anything you keep on you at all times we suggest it be mascara, so get your lashes defined by Benefit here.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 9.22.41 AM




Now that we have shared our top Benefit products with you, we thought it would only be fitting to allow you a chance to share the experience with us. (Can't wait - click here to shop online)

We will be selecting a few lucky rubies AND their best friend to try out our favourite Benefit products from the list above. That's right, we're sending 2 products for you and your bestie to try.

Let's get social! Once the selected rubies receive their products they, along with their bestie, will need to share some gorgeous pics with us on social media. Then let the fun begin - try the products, take some pics then share your reviews via the product page with us and the rest of the rubybox community.



  1. Make sure your delivery address AND beauty profile is filled in and up-to-date. (Click here to check your address and click here to check your beauty profile)
  2. Comment on this article with the name of the product you would like to test from the above list with your best friend.
  3. Tag your best friend who will receive the extra product to review with you as we will send 2 of the same products.
  4. Include the following hashtags when commenting: #rubybox #BeautyByBenefit #BenefitSA


Good luck rubies. X


(*Entries will be validated for complete delivery address and beauty profile as well as the nominated friend. Selected rubies and friends will need to review the product on our product page as well as post on social media. Nominated rubies will be notified via email on Friday 19th of July. The packs will be sent out the same day. *This is an independent activation run solely by rubybox including the products which are supplied and provided by rubybox.)