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Events Styling has selected the top tips to help with your wedding and they are also offering a free consult for potential brides via the phone.

Marge B’s top wedding tips…

  1. Remember posture - it's every brides secret tool
  2. Stay hydrated on the day, and a week leading up to your special day.
  3. Remember that it goes by so quickly stay in the now, in the present moment. Look at and acknowledge your guests as you walk down the aisle.
  4. Remember to ask your event planner to assist you in the room when removing your gown - hang it up etcwed_article1
  5. Ask your planner carry a pair of dreamy comfy slippers to the reception for when your feet ache.
  6.  Create a signature drink for your wedding day, as the official Aperitif
  7. Take 5 minutes as bride and groom during the busy reception, sneak to a quiet spot, and just savour the moment.
  8. Have your planner arrange a decadent bubble bath, just before your grand entrance to the honeymoon suite. Top with petals. If she is a good Planner she will arrange to send a piece of cake to the honeymoon suite together with a bottle of champagne for a midnight snack.
  9. Book one location for your ceremony &wedding, and you immediately save on costs.
  10. Don’t plan to marry during a peak holiday period.
  11. Rule of thumb, catering, bar tab and venue should make up 50% of your budget.
  12. Cut down on the time your photographer stays at the reception. Schedule toasts, the cutting of the cake, champagne Sa’brage & bouquet toss for soon after dinner. The photographer can capture those moments and leave.
  13. Fondant on cakes is really expensive as it requires extra labour and added ingredients.wed_article3
  14. Opt for naked cakes, with buttercream or cream cheese, and seasonal berries.
  15. Winter weddings are generally more expensive when it comes to flowers and outdoor weddings are not necessarily more economical. Consult with a Professional Planner first.
  16. Always take the time to plan out an event in your mind as you would see it roll out from the guests perspective, and look for ways in which things can go wrong, then plan for it.


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