We are often reminded how to do our makeup and what we need but we often aren't told what we shouldn't do when it comes to makeup.

Take a look at what we have put down when it comes to makeup don'ts..

DON'T pump your mascara - 

By pumping your mascara wand in and out you are not only pumping in a whole lot of air which will dry out your mascara giving your product a shorter life span, but you are also allowing bacteria to get inside.

So this is one habitat we advise you give up immediately because no one wants to be placing bacteria on their eyes!

DON'T forget to wash your brushes - 

A chore you often keep putting off. Bacteria and dirt all gather on these brushes and beauty blenders, and we then use these very same brushes to apply our makeup. It is also known that product build up occurs on your brushes which actually requires you to use more product to get a decent application, which at the end of the day costs you more money because you are having to purchase new products more often than usual.

So wash those brushes, click here to find out how.

DON'T match your foundation to your face or the back of your hand - 

People often match the foundation colour to their skin tone or the back of their hand. We advise you match it to your neck and jawline, as you should be extending your makeup to avoid that uneven mask-like look.

DON'T use a concealer that's too light - 

Once upon a time there was a trend where using a concealer that was a whole lot lighter than the shade of your foundation was the in thing. While a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation can brighten up the area under your eyes, but using it for anything more than under your eyes will leave you with an uneven-tone.

DON'T just colour in your eyebrows -

Yes eyebrows on fleek are still a thing but we suggest that you rather aim to create natural looking brows. You can do this by drawing in strands of hair rather than colouring in gaps with your eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow.

DON'T line your lips in a darker shade - 

Don't ever use a darker liner than your lipstick shade. Lining your lips with a liner that is darker than your lip colour actually ages you and on top of looking totally bizarre it makes your lips look smaller. So rather leave the liner if you can't find the matching shade.