Personal care leaders Dove have performed a colour pole to discover the truth behind women’s relationships to the colours they wear and the results were, quite honestly, eye opening.

Although half of the women surveyed believe that the colour you wear can have a positive impact on your mood and that of those around you, an equal and surprisingly low 50% of women rarely wear their favourite colour. Why? Because women feel vulnerable wearing colours other than black and white, they feel like bright colours undermine them in the workplace and attract unwanted attention, making them feel anxious.

With results showing time and again that colour can alter and positively affect our feelings, Dove believes that now more than ever it’s time to go beyond black and white, so they are giving women the means to do so with a much-needed burst of confidence.

Queue Dove Invisible Dry Deodorant. Available for men and women in both an anti-perspirant roll-on and aerosol spray, this revolutionary deodorant provides not only 48 hour odour protection and ¼ moisturising cream to keep your underarms smelling and feeling fresh, it also safeguards against unsightly streaks and marks on your clothing, no matter what colour you’ve chosen to wear. From black to white and every clothing colour in between, Dove Invisible Dry Deodorant was carefully tested on 100 colours to ensure its unique formulation didn’t leave damaging stains or smudges on garments. Unlike other deodorants whose active ingredients are the culprits that cause unpleasant white marks, Dove Invisible Dry uses advanced technology to cloak the active ingredient, resulting in fewer visible white deposits.

With Dove Invisible Dry Deodorant safeguarding your style, you can finally flaunt whichever colour your heart desires, with confidence.With old worries put to rest, the only question that remains is which colour will you go for first?

A flattering choice for both fair and olive or dark skin tones, buttercup yellow is often associated with optimism and energy.

Green is the most relaxing colour according to the survey, and is well suited to medium and fair skin tones.

Pink is closely coupled with extroversion and boldness, a becoming colour for those with olive, dark or fair skin tones.

Blue has a calming tranquil effect on the wearer and those around us, and looks best on those with olive to dark skin.

Suited to all skin tones, true red also comes with mixed associations, with survey participants regarding this bold hue as not only warm and beautiful, but aggressive too.

Available at selected retail outlets for just R19.95 for the Dove Invisible Dry Roll-On Deodorant and R25 for the Dove Invisible Dry Aerosol Deodorant, Dove dares you to wear a new colour of the spectrum every day!